Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corel Draw 15 Software Review

I have used alot of different software programs since 1995 when Windows 95 came out.
And have used several different programs within some of the best desktop publisher/ sign companies that are out there.

Out of all the programs I used Corel Draw comes out on top!
I've been using Corel since it was Corel 4 in 1998! Now I'm using Corel 15.

Comparing Corel Draw to Adobe Illustrator I can honestly say that I could produce any task 2 times faster than anyone using Adobe. I think of my program as a game of chess. The less moves to get what you want in less time wins! :)

Corel is very user friendly and easy to use. And not to mention maybe  six to seven times cheaper!
Save up to 30% more on Corel 15 here!

Stay tuned because I'm making a video on you tube to compare how it takes less steps to draw a box with a gradient color than using Adobe.
Also Corel Draw gives you lots of free tutorials and a book that doesn't speak Chinese.

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