Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ott-Lite Review

Since elementary school my eyes have always been sensitive to light. Especially looking at a blank white piece of paper. The glare of those florescent bulbs gave me a headaches!
Then I had those 100 watt bulbs at home on my desk where I did my homework. I was better off out in the bright sun with sun glasses on. Needless to say when the ott-lite came out I saw the difference at my local office supply store I knew this was good and I had to have it like needing a perfect office chair to be comfortable in. They were pretty expensive when they first came out and I believe most of the cost was in the light bulb. Today they are reasonably priced! Natural light source. I have one on my computer desk & on my draftsman's table!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corel Draw 15 Software Review

I have used alot of different software programs since 1995 when Windows 95 came out.
And have used several different programs within some of the best desktop publisher/ sign companies that are out there.

Out of all the programs I used Corel Draw comes out on top!
I've been using Corel since it was Corel 4 in 1998! Now I'm using Corel 15.

Comparing Corel Draw to Adobe Illustrator I can honestly say that I could produce any task 2 times faster than anyone using Adobe. I think of my program as a game of chess. The less moves to get what you want in less time wins! :)

Corel is very user friendly and easy to use. And not to mention maybe  six to seven times cheaper!
Save up to 30% more on Corel 15 here!

Stay tuned because I'm making a video on you tube to compare how it takes less steps to draw a box with a gradient color than using Adobe.
Also Corel Draw gives you lots of free tutorials and a book that doesn't speak Chinese.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Free Marketing Online 101

I have learned that advertising has changed in the past 10 years, 3 years & 1 minute!
It's a whole new ball game out there. It's not about advertising in your local newspaper or join your local Chamber of commerce. Although these outlets do get your name out. It is nothing compared to the free advertising that is available online!

Marketing Online 101
I want to explain to you what just 10 min. per day or night can do for you and your business.
Even if you don't have a business, these steps will help you have a larger online presence.

There are hundreds if not thousands of networking sites that are available for free.
Below are my top 10 networking sites that has pushed me to the top of all search engines.

When visiting each site simply sign up and or register your business infomation.
Mostly all of the networking site are free but there are of course upgrades that you can do with your accounts to push you to the top of most search engines quicker. But that does not mean it is better.

Key words are the goal with every site you go to. Try to keep it consistant with all of your networking sites.
Start off with your web site and domain name.
What ever you are selling make sure that those key words are always the same.

Take your time and have fun with this.
Once you have a new network up and going, share it with your customers, family & friends via email or Facebook..

Just start with these and you will be doing better than the averge Joe!
Stay with it and Good-Luck!

1) Linkedin

2) EzineArticles

3) tumblr

4) Craig's List

5) Twitter

6) Fubar

7) Facebook

8) Myspace

9) Bebo

10) Frindster

Simply type these names into Googles search box to find the immediate link in!

Express yourself, share your interests, connect with friends, make new friends and much more when you join the social networking phenomenon.

Most social networking websites also offer additional features. In addition to blogs and forums, members can express themselves by designing their profile page to reflect their personality. The most popular extra features include music and video sections. Members can read bios of their favorite music artists from the artist's profile page as well as listen to their favorite songs and watch music videos. The video section can include everything from member-generated videos from hundreds of subjects to TV clips and movie trailers.

Thank you,
Doug Rohloff

Monday, October 10, 2011

ArtBin Art box drawing compartments and art supply's

You just got to have it!
You could probably get away with just using any tackle or shoe box.
It just wouldn't feel the same when your trying to be in the proffessional artistic mind frame. Besides the word ART is on it! You could just go to art class with your pencil box. But it sure would look better if you pulled your pencil box out of your art supply box! No, it's not something you need to be a better artist... But you sure would look better! :))
Draw on Artists!

Buy ArtBin Art Box today and save up to 40% !

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sony Cybershot DSCH1 5.1MP Digital Camera

The best used Camera you can buy that is worth the chance!
I am totally happy with my Sony Cybershot DSCH1 5.1MP Digital Camera with 12x "Steady Shot" Zoom.
It also has a video cam function that works great with YouTube.
I have had this camera for over 4 years. I call it my field camera because I only use it to do my grunt work, like going to estimates and the beach.
I do not recommend you bring any camera to the beach. But you have to have some fun!
I have lots of bumps and scratches, dings and bats from swinging and dropping this camera. It has been in both extremes of weathers from below zero to over 120 degrees in my car! I used this camera on a roller coaster and was easy to hide to get it on the ride. Great quality pictures with all the horns and whistles of an expensive camera.
So if you’re looking for a camera that can take a beaten and keep on clicking, look into finding this item.
Save a ton of money buying this used or save up to 40% off a new one. There are only a few more out there that are new. Check the link below to see your price and technical information.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Studio

The studio of a successful artist, especially from the 15th to the 19th centuries, characterized all the assistants, thus the designation of paintings as "from the workshop of..." or "studio of..." An art studio is sometimes called an atelier, especially in earlier eras. In contemporary, English language use, "atelier" can also refer to the Atelier Method, a training method for artists that usually takes place in a professional artist's studio.

The above mentioned "method" calls upon that zeal for study to play a significant role in the production which occurs in a studio space. A studio is more or less artful to the degree that the artist who occupies it is committed to the continuing education in his or her formal discipline. Academic curriculi categorize studio classes in order to prepare students for the rigors of building sets of skills which require a continuity of practice in order to achieve growth and mastery of their artistic expression. A versatile and creative mind will embrace the opportunity of such practice to innovate and experiment, which develops uniquely individual qualities of each artist's expression. Thus the method raises and maintains an art studio space above the level of a mere production facility or workshop.

Safety is or may be a concern in studios, with some painting materials required to be handled, stored, or used properly to prevent poisoning, chemical burns, or fire